English Summary of the Story

 Tre vise dyr collage - cast of characters

(Spoiler warning!)

“Three Wise Animals” is a story about three barnyard friends – Jura the cow, Bjelle the sheep and Grynte the Pig – who panic when they think that the farmer is fattening them up in order to make Christmas sausages out of them. With the help of their friend Ulvrik the wolf – who has become a quick-change artist in order to avoid the hunters – devise a plan of escape.  

With some pieces of cloth and selected accessories, Ulvirk turns three panic stricken friends into the Three Wise Men. And just in the nick of time.

After a being kicked out of the barn by the farmer, who shouted after them "No strangers allowed", they tumble down to the road where they are picked up by the Airport Express Bus. Safe for the moment on the speeding bus and not certain where they are going, they think about the places they would rather be. Jura envisions a life in India where the cow is sacred. Grynte is happy to be in any land where they don’t eat pork. Bjelle dreams about the soft grassy hillsides of Ireland with a view of the sea.

The airport is packed with travelers rushing to and fro. In the holiday chaos the three friends are mistakenly included in a choir group on their way to Rome. Later when the “real” wise men make their appearance, the travelling trio are left on their own to explore Rome, and do as the Romans!  But after a few days trudging around on cobblestones – which as everyone knows are murder on hooves – they end up at a café to discuss their plight and what to do next. They are homesick, but afraid of what fate might await them at back at the farm. They see a statue of Romulus and Remus with the She wolf which is part of the cafe's extravagant interior design, and get a twinge of bad conscience. They think of their friend Ulvrik, although in danger himself, took the time to help them escape. Mustering their courage and exhausted by the excessiveness of Fellini’s Roma, they decide to take their chances and return to the farm, no matter what the consequences.  But getting home is not easy and although “All roads lead to Rome”, they discover that the Apian Way is not exactly the direct route to Norway.  

It is nearly Eastertime when the trio arrive at the farm, and things seem strangely different. To their astonishment they find their friend Ulvrik dressed as a peacock and prancing freely around the barnyard! They learn that the whole Christmas-sausage thing was a big mistake. The farmer was not fattening them up to make minced meat of them, but pruning them for his new Petting Farm where the three animals would be the main attractions.  Encouraged by the farmer's good nature, Ulvrik had stepped out of the shadows, and with his creative flair was immediately appointed Events Manager. The farmer knows talent when he sees it.

So in the end everything turns out great. The four friends enjoy the attention of all the children who visit the Petting Farm, and the trio are extremely satisfied with their comfortable new lifestyle … for a while at least.

The excitement of travel and cosmopolitan living has made them a little restless … so one summer evening they start planning a new adventure abroad and this time Ulvrik will join them. He deserves a taste of La Dolce Vita.